Reports Receiver

Pursuant to the Canonical Changes to Title V ratified by the delegates of the 2024 Synod of the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word, a new position of Reports Receiver has been established to receive reports of abuse and malfeasance by the clergy and licensed lay ministers of this diocese. On 06/06/2024 the Standing Committee of the Diocese approved unanimously the selection of Mrs. Sue Steege to serve a 3-year term as the Reports Receiver.

We will provide more permanent diocesan contact details and will ensure they are published in conspicuous locations on in the coming days for Mrs. Steege as we set up this new position and onboard her into the diocesan infrastructure.  However, as our new Title V measures are in effect now, we offer the following temporary contact information for the ADLW Reports Receiver.

If you have an allegation to make against a clergy member or licensed lay minister of this diocese you may contact Mrs. Sue Steege at:

The details of a report and of any subsequent investigation shall be maintained in appropriate confidence until the report is dismissed for no reasonable grounds in accordance with Title V, Canon 5, Section 2, or the Reports Investigation Committee takes action under Title V, Canon 6, Section 8.