Archdeacons and Advisors

Central New York & Missionary Archdeacon

The Ven. Joel Grigg

Archdeacon of the Chesapeake

The Ven. Will Wilson

Archdeacon of Long Island

The Ven. Dr. Samuel Orimogunje

Archdeacon of the Mid-Atlantic & Northeastern

New York

The Ven. Dr. Henry S. Baldwin

Archdeacon of the Midwest

The Ven. Carl Eyberg

Archdeacon of the Northeast

The Ven. Jay Cayangyang

Archdeacon of the Ohio Valley

The Ven. Jeff Hunt

Archdeacon of the South

The Ven. Jorge Finlay

AFFILIATED Christian Communities

Franciscans of Bucksport

The Franciscan Brothers of St. Elizabeth are a group of God-fearing men with hearts on fire for our Lord and Savior. They are located on the side of Orcutt Mountain in Maine. Their monastery is dedicated to the life and legacy of St. Elizabeth.*


The Community of St. Mary (East)

The Community of St. Mary is the first Anglican religious Order in the Unites States, founded in 1865. The Province is comprised of two houses, one in Greenwich, NY and one in Luwinga, Malawi, Africa. The sisters in both houses draw near to Jesus Christ through a disciplined life of prayer set in a simple agrarian lifestyle and active ministry in their local communities.**


*text taken from Franciscans of Maine website

**text taken from Community of St. Mary (East) website