ADLW - logo design

Mrs. Christy Lafferty designed the new logo - she explains the design below.

The design of the new ADLW logo was formed from a goal that I kept in mind: maintain our heritage and missional DNA, but most importantly communicate our commitment to the Word.

While we as a diocese have gone through recent changes, we haven't lost who we are - who we know we are called to be.

I hope the logo is reminiscent of our past but pointing us towards the future.

I hope the logo illustrates that the Word of God is ultimate; it is active, it is ours. These hopes are for us. And for everyone else!

It's important that the cross is obvious. When it is seen on our websites and media, it should tell of who we are and who we serve. 

Who is Christy Lafferty?  Joel and I have been married for six years, and our daughter, Mercy, is two years old. Joel was ordained two years ago, a very memorable moment in our lives. We have found a "home" with ADLW and have so appreciated the impact it has had in our lives. We hope that we can honor God with our everything, with our gifts and talents - even something simple like graphic design. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to work on this project.