Items to submit after Application

Please send the following items to our registrar, Brenda Dobbs at or mail them to


Attn. Registrar

9071 Center St.

Manassas, VA 20110

  1. A sign signed copy of the form Authorization and Release of Information to the Diocese  click here for form
  2. Vestry and Rector Recommendation for Postulancy click here for form
  3. A photo of you and your immediate family (spouse and children who live at home)
  4. Statement 1- Spiritual autobiography. Please include a 2000 but not exceeding 4000 words spiritual autobiography, to include details of your family upbringing, church involvement, testimony of conversation and commitment to Christ, discipleship/leadership experience, personal financial stewardship commitment and practice, and call to ordained ministry.
  5. Statement 2- Devotional life. Describe your patterns and practices of personal and corporate devotions. How often do you read the Scriptures? When and how do you usually pray? Do you regularly use the Book of Common Prayer (e.g., The Daily Office)? In what other ways do you seek to grow in grace? What other practices are meaningful for your spiritual life? Do you practice daily repentance? Hav you experienced spiritual direction?
  6. Statement 3- Divorce. Have you been divorced?_____ If yes, please attach describing the details of your previous marriage the divorce and the current state of your relationship with your former spouse. Note that the Canons of the Anglican Church in North America require the permission of the Archbishop for a divorced person to be ordained. Application is made to the Archbishop by the Bishop of Anglican Diocese of the Living Word, at his discretion.
  7. Statement 4- Spousal support. If you are married, please attach a signed letter from your spouse indicating reaction this discernment of your call to ordained ministry.
  8. Statement 5- Ministry. Please include a statement outlining your hopes concerning further training and ministry and if you are not selected for ordained ministry how do you foresee your ministry in the church.
  9. Statement 6- Employment. How do you earn a living? Please attach a statement outlining your work history and giving a list of all employers and positions held with dates of employment.
  10. Statement 7- Anglican Formularies. Read the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion and the 2008 Jerusalem Declaration and write a one page, 350-400 words, summary of each document. Do you have any reservations about affirming these statements of faith? If so, please describe and explain.
  11. Statement 8- Memberships and associations. Please include a statement answering the following questions: (i) Please list all past and present memberships or associations with any organization, association, fund foundation, party, club, society, or similar group. (ii) Are you or have you ever been a member of a secret society (Eg: FrMeemasonry)?
  12. Statement 9- Anger. Please include a statement detailing how you deal with anger. Additionally, do you, or does anyone, consider you to have an anger issue?
  13. Statement 10- Personality. Include a statement answering the following two questions writing a paragraph answering: (i) What do you consider your great vulnerability? (ii) What do you consider your greatest strength? 
  14. Statement 11- Discipline. Include a statement answering the following questions (i) Why is discipline necessary in the church for a Christian leader? (ii) Have you been disciplined for dismissed from a Christian congregation or denomination? Have you ever been removed from an ordination or credentialing process with another Christian congregation or denomination. 
  15. Statement 12- Financial. Please include a statement answering the following questions: (i) What is your current level of indebtedness? (ii) Are you now, or have you ever been, in debt, in debt beyond your ability to meet your financial obligations? (iii) Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? If so, please provide an account of the circumstances and how you handled the situation. (iv) How would you assess your personal money management? For example, do you have a budget? Do you live within the limits of that budget? (v) What is your current financial giving discipline to the church? 

Please include statements 13 and 14 in a separate sealed envelope with your name on the front. Mark the envelope "confidential to the Bishop of Anglican Diocese of the Living Word" and send via mail to Bishop of ADLW, 9071 Center Street, Manassas, VA 20110. Statements 13 and 14 will be read by the bishop only. 

  1. Statement 13- Sexual Integrity. Please attach a statement outlining your views on pornography, sexual activity outside of traditional marriage, same sex attraction and gender reassignment. Additionally, please answer the following questions and explanation: (i) are you currently using or have you previously used pornography? (ii) are you currently or have you previously engaged in sexual activity outside of marriage? (iii) are you same sex attracted? (iv) have you undertaken gender reassignment? Please sign and date this statement.
  2. Statement 14- Abuse. Please attach a statement answering the following questions: (i) Are you currently using or have you previously used illegal substances (including marijuana)? (ii) Do you drink alcohol? If so, please describe your alcohol usage. (iii) Have you ever b been under professional care for alcohol or substance addiction? Please sign and date this statement.